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Amy is a dedicated Professional Athlete, Yoga Teacher, and Meditation Instructor on a mission to help people harness their limitless potential for their greater good. Infinitely passionate about her craft, she tactfully entwines the power of meditation and sound healing to assist in her client’s total-life transformation. Her yoga classes are not only energizing and empowering, they are transformative on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.

Throughout the span of nearly two decades, Amy has studied the art of metaphysics extensively. Within that time, she has trained various prominent teams, including the LA Kings Hockey Team.



Do you get that feeling of being entangled or trapped in something? Are you skeptical about the visualization of your goals and objectives and the individual you wish to become? Do you need answers on the hope for a reformation and feel you are being dragged behind by your partner in remaining the same old you? People do not hold people back deliberately but unconsciously do that out of fear. The fear of reformation. Do you have an idea about making the desired change that can stand the test of time and stay till infinity but you do not know the course of action to take?
Have you explored seminars, libraries, social media, self-help books, YouTube videos etc.? But somehow, you still feel stuck and unprogressive in your course towards reformation and decision making with precision. The practicability of the books you read and the videos you watched seem elusive and unattainable. Your dreams are gigantic, but you ponder daily over your stagnation. You are pretty much the way you were years ago.
*Change is constant
If you find yourself wallowing in the realm of daily repetition, going over a particular task over and over again, Change will come, but it’s going to be on a relatively small and subtle scale and also with a short time frame.
Good news for you! Tony Robins countless times have said that you need to create a massive change in yourself. Block out every element that hinders your comfort and with precision, annihilate every factor obstructing your daily joy. Don’t you think it’s about the zeal for our daily existence? That enthusiasm for life, fun, and adventure in the realm of your personal life and the field of your work. It doesn’t matter if you are working for an hourly wage or parent that stays at home. How do we break this shackles of limitations and sticking with the stuff you love to do on a daily. Laziness and fear are synonymous. They are like the two sides of a coin. We attempt effortlessly to do the stuff because we have just freaked our mind out but do not know where to begin.
*Behold! A solution.
We are going to take you into the Actors studio with a renowned acting coach and into the yoga studio at the same with a motivational teacher and a yoga master. The processes we will put you through will assist you in shifting your subconscious mind into believing in yourself. Believing you can do whatever you desire in your mind and with grace-fueled by a powerful urge to become who you want to be.
* We are stepping into pure action with Kriya Yoga and Hypnosis medication.

November 5, 2017, 1:00-4:00 PM


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