Open Studio




Open Studio is comprised of a supportive group of members who come together every week to create and explore their craft. It is a safe environment for actors, writers, producers and directors to work on a scene, monologue, script, or any project they want to work on. During Open Studio, members focus on what they want to focus on. A Facilitator is present to lead and guide each workshop. At the end of every piece of work, it is up to the artist if they would like to receive feedback from the group.
The Open Studio is based on Bobby Moresco’s Actor’s Gym, a place where Billy Gallo was a member for many years. In the words of Academy Award Winning Writer and Director, Bobby Moresco, “The only requirement for members is if you step on that stage, leave a piece of your soul behind”.
Open Studio meets every Monday night from 7:30 to 11:00 p.m.
$300 membership fee covers one month of classes.

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